I worked with the talented Dakota Stark for this Postcard Poetry and Prose offering.

Art credit - Dakota Stark Art credit – Dakota Stark

Author Kerry E.B. Black is mother to 5 amazing people, wife of a superhero in disguise, daughter of inspirations, sister of talents, friend of the finest people, avid reader and lover of the written word. It is Kerry‘s distinct pleasure to collaborate with Dakota Stark for this piece. His artwork inspires.

Visual Artist Dakota Stark is a typical American college student living off of Ramen and procrastination. He’s working toward an engineering degree of some sort. When not buckling down on his studies, Dakota enjoys skating, playing video games, and spending time in nature. He took pictures and found encouragement for his pursuit from family and friends. He presently lives in South Korea where he’s experiencing another culture. He enjoys sharing his artistic journey with PP&P.

Alexis and me Kerry and Alexis.

Kerry's crocus. Kerry’s crocus.

The author's outside writing desk. The author’s outside writing desk.

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