*Written because Charli at Carrot Ranch asked for a monster. I hope you’ll enjoy my 99 word response.


Adrena’s Insides

Written by Kerry E.B. Black


It claws its way through her serenity, mangling Adrena’s insides. It squeezes, and she knows soon, truth will stain her soul and bleed into the open. She can’t care. Glinting garnet pools congeal into stinking, blackening clots. Her face contorts as clawing rips her insides.

Transformation burns. Her screams turn to howls haunting virgin’s dreams. Gasps rip through the wilderness of abandoned reason, and she ignores tears for what once she hoped.

She prowls, catches their scent, pursues. Her feet make no sound as they pad after prey.

A bang sears, and she falls, shot by a wary foe.


bloody pawprint