Open up the Writer’s Chest and find some treasures inside. This is from their October, 2015 challenge.

The Writer's Chest

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Although dust coated the brown wings, the fuzz of the moth on the light pole intrigued her. Morgan ran a finger along its plump body. (Hmm, rougher than I thought.) The insect lifted from the wall and fluttered in erratic arcs around the streetlight. Its shadow speckled the ground near her hem. (I remember when these were flaming gaslights.)

At each bay of light, insects bobbed like popcorn, drawn through the gloom.
(Just like me.)

She pulled the hood of her cloak over her brow and replaced the kid glove she’d removed to stroke the moth. Fog curled from the river, reaching to engulf her ankles. Walking on a cloud. Each step sent the fog rolling. Riverboats sounded mournful blasts made eerie by the nighttime.

On every porch glowed a Jack O’Lantern. She glared at a grinning gourd.
(I chose this neighborhood because of…

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