I think about everything, all the time, even years later. This latest storm helped me remember a past kindness. I pray God rewards the men who helped me.

One Year of Letters

12606892_10205615177918064_1824491249_nMissing Thank You

January 25, 2016

In 1976, huge blizzards hit the east coast. Here in Pittsburgh, traffic slid to a crashing halt. Schools cancelled until the school boards worried students would never serve the required 180 days. Thus, because the weather refused to show mercy, they declared delayed starts. Beginning later allowed plow teams a couple of extra hours to clear the roads, and the weather could warm a bit.

I attended elementary school at that trying time. My family lived on a main road in our community, and nobody could keep up with the accumulation to keep the sidewalks cleared. For safety’s sake, I trudged through yards. As a slight-built child, I could often skim along the iced-over top of drifts. At the bus stop shivered a half dozen kids stomping their feet on a partially-cleared cement triangle like penguins on an iceberg. Snow caught on our outerwear…

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