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One Year of Letters

12380326_10205404284405858_1599531364_nLighting the Way

21 December 2015

I have a theory. When distilled into its simplest essence, holiday decorating is about bringing light to a dark time of the year. Winter Solstice, which falls somewhere around 21 December, marks the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. Around then, we set our world aglow. It is as though the world unites in its desire to drive back the cold and welcome the light.

We deck halls and trees with twinkling lights, transforming winter into a glistening fairy land. Gutters and windows lined like gingerbread with glowing icing brighten winter evenings. Miniature villages glow with train displays. Germanic children carefully balance wreaths of candles on their heads as Saint Lucia or Christkindle. The Spanish Las Posadas includes a musical procession through neighborhoods with candles and lamps in remembrance of the Christian Holy family. Like miniature landing guides for Santa’s sleigh…

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