One Year of Letters

12308859_10205291494586183_1529640759_nPlea for a Friend

November 30, 2015

I spent today putting up Christmas decorations. I’ve lost some to our continued flooding. Water is insidious, and it breeds mold and mildew. Still, we put together a little tree, hung stockings, and set up the manger scene.

Yes, our house continues to flood, but we have a plan to prevent further incursions come January. (Thank God for my parents. I am truly blessed.) Despite the interloping H2O, we have a place of our own with electricity, internet access, heat, and running water. We have our own bedrooms, private, albeit small. Our cars have oodles of miles, but they run well, and everyone enjoys reasonable health during this newest flu season.

I have a friend named Anna Dobritt whom I met through an online writers’ group. I’ve admired her determination and dedication. Although disabled, she labors daily, increasing the word count on her…

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