This is my latest addition to the One Year Of Letters project. Let me know what you think, please, and check out the others’ amazing works.

One Year of Letters

12231251_10205198066130530_279079186_nI, Their Moon

9 November 2015

I circle them like a moon and they my planet. I’m always there, even when their suns eclipse me.

My children gather stars to their breasts like a brilliant bouquet. Each solar bloom bursts upon their scene. Friendships, frenemies, and nemeses supplant family bonds. Activities interfere with household interactions. A new level of self-absorption engulfs my darlings as youthful dramas embroil their passions. The solar landscapes change. Friends revolve out. Avocations, vocations, and academic pursuits shuffle. My children’s rotations wobble, escalating and erratic as the changes in their growing bodies.

Yet I orbit, watchful, listening. I soothe their spirits and validate their storms. Their concerns replay in my worries and prayers. I query through each issue as best I can, searching for insight. Despite a whole world of individuals, I glean the universality in their situations. Mankind belongs to a common clan. If we…

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