One Year of Letters

12170488_10205100841659979_1210135059_nTime Management

October 19, 2015

Time. It flies, right? When bored, my kids complain it drags. Yet time remains in essence a commodity.

I’ve never been great at time management. My personality becomes embroiled in projects, lost in a labyrinth of my own devising. Like the resident of a fairy realm, time works differently for me. A task which should require fifteen minutes reveals itself as an hour-long project. Somehow when pressed, I squeeze out projects in fractions of expected time. I linger over what I love and drag my feet when faced with a task I hate.

Unfortunately, my kids seem unwitting recipients of my flighty and sporadic grasp of Chronos’ realm. Today, for example, they lounge in jammies, though they’ve already consumed the lunch I made for them. We work on imposing prompt attendances and respecting deadlines. After all, some tasks require attention. Bills must be paid, drivers’…

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