One Year of Letters

11825641_10204686069650938_2478517846526146614_nNew Neighbors- Kerry E.B Black

August 3, 2015

Dear Kerry,

Four hawks moved into our yard this summer. They whistled and shrieked and made themselves comfortable.

When I first moved here thirteen years ago, red tails nested in the corner maple tree. My girls and I watched their antics with interest. About six years ago, they moved on, abandoning their giant nest to the ravages of weather and invaders. No “see you later.” No “Thanks for the time.” The hawks were just gone.

With their departure, squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits returned to frolic in our yard, multiplying. The rodents grew bold, including a fluffy-tailed squirrel tapping on our dining area window to solicit treats.

The renewed abundance of prey attracted the four hawks this summer. They came with June’s rains and perched upon my husband’s car and the deck rail as though they owned the place. I didn’t see a…

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