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Like Adonis

Lee folded the paper and decorated. Lace formed a heart, glitter a lightning bolt. He labored over the words, pausing to consider their impact. Ink scrawled across the page, scratches on the inside of a tomb.

Finished and satisfied, Jason set the card atop his gift. Tape secured the envelope.

He knocked on Jenny’s door, gift in hand. His insides twisted, nerves ablaze, but he stood straight and waited.

The door swung, revealing Jenny. She shone, shaming angels. He averted his eyes, blinded, and offered the gift. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” he gulped and whispered.

Jenny sighed. “Add it to the pile.” With a sweep of her hand, she indicated a heap on the table. He recognized signatures.
Classmates proceeded him, offering love.

His eyes widened. “Don’t you want to open it?”

She yawned. “Not now. I will though. Thank you.”

He regarded her. “Jenny, not opening the present…

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