One Year of Letters

11665636_10204541903566876_3761561528023540581_nZoo Adventure

July 13, 2015

Dear Kerry,

The other day, I took two of my little kiddos to a Members’ Night at the Zoo. Matthew and Sarah bounced and squealed, excitement uncontained. “We’re going to the zoo! We’ll see animals and have so much fun!”

The skies threatened, but rain is our dreary companion this summer. Heavy traffic and no handicapped parking available, I wheeled Sarah onto one of the only “on-ramps” to the sidewalk and walked about a quarter mile to the end of the line, feeling like salmon swimming upstream. I assessed the number of guests and decided it prudent to discover what mattered most to them both. “I want my face painted,” said Sarah. Matthew added, “I want to dance at the dance party.”

The cloud cover grew greyer, and the air smelled of ozone when we spotted the face painting line. Its line boasted about a…

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