This is my latest letter for the One Year Of Letters. #OYOL One of the coolest things about this project is seeing the posts in advance. You should check them out. There are some really good letters slated for this week.

One Year of Letters

11720840_10204524935742691_1375280803_oBucket List

July 7, 2015

Dear Kerry,

After we defeated a level on his video game, my five-year-old jumped up and down, thrilled. “Woo hoo Mom!” He high-fived me. “I can check something off my bucket list.”

The phrase took me aback. “Bucket list?”

“Yes, Mom. You know, my goals.”

I didn’t point out the full import of the words “bucket list.” A hero on one of his shows used the term, and my five-year-old adopted it as a part of his vernacular. (It is amazing what kids pick up.)

“What else is on your bucket list?” I asked.

He tapped his chubby cheek with an impatient finger, staring at a ceiling corner. “Well, trips to Disney, and riding on a horse and going in a space ship.”

“Disney. I could live there, if they’d allow it, and I want to ride an elephant some time. Always have,” I thought.

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