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One Year of Letters

10003946_10204213557678434_461457392601172213_nStick Figure Family

May 25, 2015

Dear sentimental Kerry,

On the back of my car is a stick figure family acquired while we vacationed. Each family member smiles, eldest to youngest, with pets interspersed, we parents flanking the group. My husband’s figure looks military-straight, while dweeby me waves. Somehow, that seems an accurate description. However, a strange thing has happened. The real kids have grown, and of course, the glass stickers remain unchanged.

Our eldest son lives elsewhere now. He’s started a family of his own, and they no longer take vacations with us. The littlest is not a baby now. How did that happen, I wonder, when it wasn’t long ago that he joined the group? Heck, I still carry the baby weight from my pregnancy to prove it! My curly-haired blonde no longer wears braids and pigtails, and my other young ladies are adults in the eyes of…

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