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11018111_10204163392504336_2587494072578828502_nPerils of Social Media

18 May, 2015

Dear Kerry,

Social Media has been a blessing in many ways. It allows ease of access to family and friends. We post photos of our children, share good news, and convey greetings for occasions special and ordinary.

It also provides a source of angst within me.

I’ve watched people post specifically to hurt another. For instance, after a disagreement, a splinter of a group of friends Instagram-ed their fun-filled social outing, dubbing themselves “the Three Musketeers” to emphasize the ostracization of the one left behind. “I love these girls,” they gushed. The quart of the quartet wept, then grew angered by the purposeful attempt to harm feelings.

Tags like “these people are the best” shows preference and favoritism. If the group is small, others in their circle could wonder why they don’t factor in to the good feelings, why they are left out…

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