One Year Of Letters is such a great project. I’m honored to participate, and I hope you’ll check out the site. #OYOL

One Year of Letters


11 May 2015

Dear Kerry,

While outside enjoying a pleasant afternoon, my son rushed to me, a big grin on his ruddy face. Clutched in his grubby fist was a bouquet that reminded me of gathered sunshine. “For you, Momma. I wuv you.”

I accepted his offering with a hug and a smile. He smelled of the outdoors and active playtime. I kissed the top of his sweaty head. “I love you, too, my little man.”

With a smile and a wave, he ran off to pursue another delight.

I strolled inside, filled a vase, and deposited the golden blooms. I washed sticky sap from my palms, and then placed the flowers at the center of my table. As I stepped back to admire the effect, I considered how few people appreciate dandelions. The persistent plants are weeded out, a bane to a perfect lawn. Their inclusion is viewed…

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