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One Year of Letters


Even Rocky Soil Can Produce Flowers

4 May, 2015

Dear Reader-

Even the rockiest soil can produce beautiful flowers.

When I bought my house, the yard influenced my choice. Lush grass speckled with blue flowers swept to a tree line. A mini fern forest meandered up a slope to the right, and a wooded hill bordering the left provided a home for myriad species of wildlife. I planted a garden where hundreds of sunny-hued daffodils bloomed in the spring. An antique holly, a fragrant English lavender bush, and a brilliant pink Queen Elizabeth Rose stood proud at the center, presents from beloved friends. In late spring, peony pinks, vibrant lilies in summer, and chrysanthemum through the fall bloomed, framed by a wall of Pussy Willow, Curled Fern, and Honesty.

My kids and I spent happy hours enjoying the display in our private sanctuary.

Then Hurricane Ivan ripped through our community…

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