This is my newest letter for the One Year Of Letters Project. I recommend the other writers’ posts, too. The perspectives and honest insights are refreshing.

One Year of Letters

11173498_10204021005144741_170071783_nDressing Up

20 April, 2015

Dear Kerry,

Sarah has a formal dance to attend. She loves the idea of looking like a princess, gown sweeping the ground as she glides across the parquet floor. We study her teen magazines and favorite books. “I love Cinderella’s gown,” she tells me. “Do you think I could look like Belle?” she asks. “Taylor Swift always looks so pretty, don’t you think?” She rocks in her chair with a wistful smile. She hums, imagining a waltz with a fairy-tale prince. “I want to wear a dress like that one.” She points to a confection with gems sewn to the bodice, cutouts at the waist.

There was a time I romanticized historic clothing. Many of today’s fashions lack refinement and elegance, and the designers who create flattering clothing from lush fabrics cost far more than I spend. In my current circumstances, if I were alive…

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