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One Year of Letters

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Dear Kerry,

Three little monkeys stand before my imagination. One covers his eyes, one his ears, and the third his mouth, representing “see, hear, and speak no evil.” My Grandmother loved the image, so it makes me think of her when I stumble upon its representation.

The problem is, there is evil, of course, and we can’t cover our eyes to it. To do so would be like children hiding our heads under a blanket to protect us from a monster prepared to do us harm. The monkeys from the statue don’t mean turn off the news. They don’t represent insulating from reality.

The evil the monkeys warn against is that of gossip. Chuckles about a neighbor’s latest exploit, cheating spouses, troubled children, and friends venting about one another. We hear and see so much every day.

Often though, the artists depict the monkeys as mischievous creatures, peeking…

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