One Year of Letters


Dear Kerry,

By reading a short, negative review, your confidence shook.

“I don’t think your style lends itself to short fiction.”

Although you hope everyone will enjoy your tales, everyone knows tastes vary. Still, you experience moments of insecurity. (Perhaps ‘moments’ might be better defined as ‘periods of crippling fear.’) Quite frankly, you question your own writing chops, worry about squandering your limited time.

Why torture yourself thus? Because writing provides a route to self-discovery, an escape from the mundane, and an effective form of creative expression. You love it. In truth, when someone accepts a piece for publication, you glow. Seeing your words in print validates your efforts. So why allow an opinion to destroy your momentum?

Back in the 1980’s you wrote for Gannett Publications, covering local board meetings. The A.P. picked up a couple of your stories. Your editor offered you a staff position. His associate…

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