This is my latest installment in the One Year Of Letters.

One Year of Letters



Dear Kerry,

As you quake with reaction to today’s distressing events, you must remember something – Your children are superheroes.

Sure, that sounds like a bold statement, especially when the little stinkers can be selfish, inconsiderate, and down-right mean to one another. Still, when important, their inner hero lights shine.

Heroism to me means exemplary care in big or small ways. A hero can be the firefighter putting the life of another before personal well-being or a soldier in harm’s way, but a hero can also be the child who speaks up about bullying. A hero can be the dog who alerts the family of danger.

When one of the children experiences need, the others put aside personal grievances and help, thereby helping the entire family.

Today, for example, you negotiated the perils of crossing an ice-glazed parking area and entered the warmth of home. “Go take off…

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