One Year of Letters

11023135_10203703979899308_1822261763_n“Graduating, 2015”

Dear Kerry,

You gaze at a photograph of the beautiful Kirsten, your cousin’s tow-headed daughter. She smiles with confidence, prepared to accept her high school diploma and march into the hallowed halls of academia. She banters about scholarships and declared majors, and you marvel that the child you used to carry in a laundry basket prepares for such adult undertakings. Misty-eyed, you congratulate her, wish her well, and know in your heart she will experience success.

Kirsten is four months older than your Sarah.

When you caressed your expanding belly, whispering hopes for the future to your growing baby, your forming Sarah, you imagined such a glittering future. Your child would have advantages you lacked. She would explore the world, make wise choices, and feel fulfilled. The world would not trample her dreams. She would rise like cream to the top of every experience.

When the diagnosis labeled…

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