Everyone should welcome a Sweet Grecy into their lives. This is a beautiful letter from the One Year Of Letters by Sigurd. Enjoy.

One Year of Letters

10491111_10204957339404597_466421038592545564_nTuesday 24 February 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Spent the past two weeks wondering if I should give up this letter writing business. Maybe just toss it aside and let somebody else pick up the slack. I am sure there are others who would jump at the opportunity, and right now, it feels like I am just occupying space. It seems my energy for everything is ebbing. I have even wondered if I should waste any more time on writing—period. There seems to be nothing gained by it. At my age it is easy to see the edge of the abyss. It is no longer just an intellectual wonderment, and perhaps there are better ways to spend my remaining years. The leaden weight of this depression cuts itself deep into my shoulders, as it has since my earliest childhood. It speaks to me, tells me it will never go…

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