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To Kerry, the ever bemused,

My littlest gave me a card that professed his love and a foil-wrapped, crown-wearing, milk chocolate frog for Valentine’s Day.

“Did you give me a frog prince, my darling?” I asked.

“No, Momma. It is a queen. See the crown? I got this for you because you are like a queen.”

I thanked him and kissed my little prince on the forehead. I displayed the Valentines atop my mantle with our other family proclamations. The girls looked pretty with hearts hanging from their slender necks and the littlest enjoyed his toys.

Until the frog called him.

The mantle was too high for him to reach. He retrieved his light saber to knock the wished-for sweet from its lofty perch. I intercepted.

He looked at me with wide, serious eyes. “Don’t you like your present?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then why aren’t you eating it?”

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