One Year of Letters


Dear Kerry,

Today is your sister’s birthday, one ending with a dreaded “0.” The day distresses her, though other birthdays passed without her concern. This one, this year, struck at her and forced introspection.

When you asked her why this one bothered her so much, she choked up. “You know, I pictured my life differently.”

Make no mistake, your sister is blessed. She is respected at work and in the field. She manages her household with grace and Godliness. She owns a beautiful home and working vehicle. Her children possess health, intelligence, and good looks. She herself is an accomplished and versatile beauty. Her competence remains unquestioned. If a task needs organization, it is to her thinking people turn. She dons leadership like a mantle in all areas of her life.

At job interviews, one of the questions asked is “Where do you picture yourself…

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