This letter is on-point.

One Year of Letters

insignificant_000Dear Reader-


I awoke this morning with dreams of visiting a tropical island paradise with sand under my feet and a cocktail in hand. I snuggled deeper into the warmth of my blankets hoping to prolong the dream and avoid another monotonous day, but the squawk of my alarm clock shatter any illusions I had of paradise.

“Would you start the coffee,” came from the other side of the bed and a cold, wet nose and whimper greeted me from mine. I threw back the covers; the day had begun whether I was ready or not. I stumbled down the hall, turning on lights and opening bedroom doors. I called out a morning greeting to my slumbering boys hoping the light and my voice would begin to rouse them.

I pushed the button on the coffee machine, opened the door to let the dog out, waiting to make sure…

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