One Year of Letters


Dear Kerry,

Face it, kid. You’re odd. Your older children point this out daily. Nothing new; no breaking story here, actually. Since childhood, you’ve skipped instead of marched to your own drummer (or is it a bagpiper? I guess it depends on the day and your whim, really.) Mom mentioned with ahumoring smile, “You really could spend a bit of time with reality.” Reality often sucks, though, and imagining pleasant scenarios peopled with charming friends really appeals to your romantic nature.

Becoming a parent tempered some of your wistful nature. Children require constant care. Parental vigilance forced me to remove my blinders and confront some of the horrors of life. You insulate the kids from the harshest aspects of life as best you can. Time enough for mature behavior when they grow older.

Although you shoulder adult responsibilities, you do everything you can to…

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