One Year of Letters

1794703_10203485216750366_3645937253042491082_nJanuary 22, 2015

Dear Kerry,

You need to remember that you’ll get nearly nothing done the day before you change Sarah’s schedule. The day of the schedule change will present its own problems, as well. Selective amnesia or an eternal optimism make you forget.
School delays and closings, though beyond your control, cause just such a disruption of her need for a regimented schedule, as do the holidays. Holidays present challenges for anyone, but for your young lady, their delights cause angst.

The renewed sights and smells overwhelm. Crowds and expectations strain her ability to cope. Her clothes grow unbearable, itchy, and she rips at the hems. Eye contact and standing still become impossible. Verbal outbursts directed at her siblings and you surprise those around you. She reminds you with her agitation, though. Hair twirling creates brunette whirls sticking at odd angles, leaving her looking like a young, freckled Einstein…

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