Life Through Blue Eyes


Walking a tightrope
Between bottle and safety
Addict clown smile smeared.

©2015 Kerry E.B.Black
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 passing stranger the shiver of a second glance

©2015 Sandi Pray
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Under Glass

Bought from a shop
At some out of the way stop
No one remembers where

But seldom displayed
Always seeming second rate
Not worth dusting

Now under glass
Well a discarded window
First stop to their last stop
The county dump

©2015 Gary Blankenship
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Endless smiles, laughs and fun were always part of me.
Even when I was alone…my toys were always part of me.

My steps were tiny and failing, yet destiny was part of me.
Questions were fun, and curiosity was part of me.

I was a child and I was Happiness, and you were part of me.

©2015 Aditya Sachan
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