The Writer's Chest

Late Night Cherry Pie
Written by Kerry E.B. Black
Word count: 408

With a whiff of French perfume, she brushed past me to embrace the man on the stool around the corner from mine. She swirled around the stool at the counter like Ginger Rogers, alighting at last in a fluff of red skirting. I watched as she accepted a cigarette from him. Her cherry-red lips cradled the white-wrapped tobacco, its fiery tip gleaming like a piece of Brimstone.
This late-night tryst smacked of infidelity, but I hoped the couple’s disloyalty stretched no further than their spouses.
Her companion stared into a cup of coffee while she talked in a rich, soothing alto. I read from her lips the code couched in familiar phrases. With my fountain pen, I disguised the keywords in doodles I drew on a white paper napkin. Diner Joe wiped the counter, ears pricked for my…

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