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In the previous episode, a phone call saved Mark’s life as the creature stalked him. Silas began to explain the origins of the deal that traded the lives of Rivertown’s teens for money and power for Silas’ family. Silas pointed to where the original Rivertown residents once lived and told Mark he had sneaked into the houses as a boy. Readers voted that he had found the houses in perfect order, as though they had been left a day ago…

Episode 16

“Do you know what I found?” Sy asked.

I shook my head.

“Everything — dishes, clothes, muddied boots, all of it — untouched. But for the dust that covered it, it might have been left a day ago. These people had not left to hunt gold,” he scoffed.

“Rivertown grew,” he continued. “It was all about the mines. There was money…

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