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In the previous episode, Mark snuck out at night to St. Luke’s church to check the basement for holy water Silas claimed was hidden there. Silas made an unlikely claim– that he had last been in Rivertown when old Father Kessler was in charge of St. Luke’s. Mark doubts Silas’ story, dismissing him as crazy, and heads back home with few answers. Readers voted that Mark asks his dad about Father Kessler.

Episode 13

I’ll bet no adult slept in Rivertown that night. God knows, I didn’t.

I heard Dad come home around sunrise. Mom had coffee ready. They spoke in whispers until I heard a kiss and Dad’s footsteps down the hall. I had to move quickly to speak with him, before he crashed into bed. I snuck quietly down the hall to his room and knocked.

“Dad? Do you remember Father…

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