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Childhood_friends_at_a_carnivalby Kerry E.B. Black

Shyanne pined for her friends, yet thoughts of leaving the house to visit made her stomach clench and ache. Her vision narrowed to eliminate peripheral vision, and lights refracted behind her eyes, stabbing like sabers into her confusion.

She dressed in a tag-less cotton tee and wide-bottomed blue jeans, pulling her unyielding leg up with crippled fingers to don the trousers. She struggled with knee high socks, inching them up her leg. She needed assistance with her leg braces and shoes, so she gathered them in one hand and positioned her pink forearm crutch in the other. She made her way with halting steps into the living room where her sister, Cindy, waited to help with the foot gear.

As she took a seat in her firm-backed chair, trembling rippled through her body. Faced with an internal earthquake, her equilibrium floundered, and she flopped over the…

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