Pinnacle Performance

Written by Kerry Elizabeth Blickenderfer Black as a 5 minute writing assignment for the Springdale Daytime Writer’s group, utilizing the themes “zenith” and something that I’ve never done.  (What do you think, Dee and Kathy?)

8 June, 2013

Every now and then, circumstances or biorhythms or some cosmic such align, and a performance exceeds and transcends even the high standards of Broadway.  It is for this spectacular performance that an actor strives, a thespian Nirvana.  The unfortunate upshot, however, of producing this pinnacle performance is it becomes the measuring stick by which all other performances are measured.

For an aspiring young artist with a lifetime of opportunities ascending before his hopeful feet, the prospect of continued successes is exhilarating.   For an aging actor, though, which is precisely what Richard was, the appearance of such a pivotal, career-defining show marked the zenith of his career.

As he took his bows before an enthusiastically standing ovation, his smile was stretched thinner than the hair at the top of his head.  He looked humbled as the concussive applause rolled up to the stage, contemplating what this spectacular performance meant.  From here, he was certain, was only a sharp drop over the other side of the apex.  He could teeter here for a but a few moments, basking in the audience’s appreciation while internally weighing his options.

Henceforth, he could retire gracefully, a flattering reference to his vocation an unconfirmed blurb on Wiki Sites, or he could in his estimation degrade this and all other of his lifetime’s worth of performances with increasingly feeble attempts to recapture this present, glorious moment.  He bent in another practiced bow, the glorious sounds and sights of the crowd’s appreciation bringing him to genuine tears.