Remembering that I am dust and to dust I shall return is somber, certainly, but also somehow liberating. After all, in totality, what I do while in this mortal frame may well fall to that self-same dust, yet the soul that produced it shall go on, through the grace of God, to an eternal reward. The Pope has decided that he is too tired to fulfill all that he would like as the head of the Catholic Church. The day that the announcement was made, lightening literally struck. Certainly, we all feel weary at times and would like to retire from the duties that our personal offices require. Not all of us are saddled with being a spiritual guide to millions – indeed, I only have a small number of responsibilities that I must shoulder, and yet frequently I wonder how on earth it was suspected that I would ever be equal to the tasks set before me. If not retire, exactly, then at least take a vacation. To know that as spirited dust brought to life by my Heavenly Father, I am asked to do my best to follow the rules, embrace the talents and challenges bestowed upon me, yet knowing that frequent failure is to be anticipated and forgiven, is liberating indeed.